Product Review: Maclaren Quest £30 – £180

Robust, compact and versatile. Like Bob Hoskins.

Overview: You put a baby (up to 15kg) in it and push them around.

What Maclaren say: “The lightweight sporty solution.”

What Let’s Dad! says: The holiday essential. Why take your nice fancy buggy on holiday, only for it to emerge from Easyjet/BA/RyanAir’s baggage handling system looking like un-assembled lego technic, when you can pick one of these little beauts up on ebay for £35. Cheap, sturdy and comfy. Straps are easy to manipulate, for transferring liners/muffs etc. Enough space in the hold for several Efes/Sagres/Tuborg, a pack of pistachios and a nappy or two. Good on all terrain. Light enough to pull across sand (although you look like a right chief doing this).

On the downside, you can’t hang much on the handles…otherwise the buggy tips over and your baby flies out. Which is frowned upon, even in continental Europe. Also, it’s a tad pricey at £150, but if you can get it new for £100 it’s still be good value….although £30-40 on ebay is the way forward.

Alternative uses: I guess you could push a dog around in it, for a trip to the vet perhaps.

Summary: F*cking great. It wouldn’t be my day to day buggy in London, but for holidays, it’s spot on.

Overall Let’s Dad! Score: 8/10


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