Hi, the name’s Des…

Right, so the little lady got “mamama” down recently. Great news. She’s developing her speech etc etc etc, but more importantly, it means if I’m ever dadding less than wholeheartedly and I here “mamama” I can legitimately claim that she needs her mum…not just that I’m bored/busy/want to do something else. Not that I ever Dad less than wholeheartedly of course, but if I ever did. Anyhow, mamama….great news.

No “dadada” for me though. Today she’s started calling me Des. Pointing at me and saying ‘Des’. Repeatedly. I’m not called Des. No one has ever referred to me as Des, let alone in front of her. It’s been three days…and to be honest, it’s growing on me now. Hi, I’m Des, nice to meet you. No one can deny there have been some great Des’ over the years. O’Connor. Lynam. Er…and all the others.


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