Product Review: ELC Elefountain Bath Toy – £10

“Oooh, look at me…all innocent.”

Overview: You stick it to the edge of the bath, a small battery-operated pump draws water up into the trunk and good ol’ elefountain either squirts it down onto the spinning wheel or gently up into the air, depending on which way the trunk is turned.

What ELC say: “Share giggles and laughs with this water tap and fountain elephant.”

What Let’s Dad! says: “Share giggles and laughs cleaning up the whole f*cking bathroom the minute you turn the trunk upwards, because the pump is waaaay too powerful. Seriously, it’s mental. Gift for B’s 1st bday, stuck it to bath, everyone’s excited (no really, we were), we press Elefountain’s hair (because the button is too stiff for B to press – much to her dismay) and yowser! An arc of water 6ft high coats me, my girlfriend and most of the bathroom in milky bathwater…totally missing the little lady it was supposed to gently shower. Trunk…must…stay…pointing…down. It’s too bloody stiff for B to turn it anyway (seriously, is this toy designed specifically for Geoff Capes’ kids), so no worries there. Not the best birthday gift.

Alternative uses: Poor man’s bidet. Cheap garden water feature. Ashtray.

Summary: Poorly designed tat which baby can’t use on her own (er, not that you’d be leaving her on her own in the bath of course would you? Would you!). Battery compartment proceeded to rust and leak brown battery p*ss into the bath after about 3 weeks (of trunk-down action) anyhow.

Overall Let’s Dad! Score: 2/10


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