Some thoughts on The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Okay, it’s a classic…but;

Where next with the merch? Very Hungry Caterpillar Judical Wigs? Very Hungry Caterpillar Road Bridges? Very Hungry Caterpillar Sausage Skins? Where’s it going to stop?! Where, I ask you?! We own 8 pieces already (all gifts – lovely gifts, thank you), plus a couple of spin-offs. But could it be diminishing its status as a classic? Take a gander at what you can get: here’s a Google shopping search for our many-legged friend, Very Hungry Caterpillar Smock anyone?

Also, might there be a catholic undertone? The caterpillar sins himself to sickness all week (the sloth, the gluttony) before finding salvation on Sunday with his green leaf…Spurious I know, but where there’s smoke there’s fire…

Available now at


One comment

  1. Alexander Sabine

    If they made this wig I would actually be tempted to buy it – unlike the rest of the caterpillar merchandise. I find the whole revival of the hungry caterpillar slightly odd – like putting bright neon lights on what was a perfectly happy nostalgic memory.

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