If Usher made baby car seats…

Turn heads in the Stay ‘n’ Play car park…

Product Review: The Recaro Young Sport Car Seat – £130

In a nutshell: Pimp My Child’s Safety.

What Recaro say: “The new Recaro Young Sport provides your child with a new kind of 5-point harness system that guarantees “growing” safety for age group 1 (approx. 9 months to 4 years).”

What Let’s Dad! says: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Safety system. 5 point harness. Come on Recaro, you can do better than that. At least hint at the elegant saphir exterior, the padded headrests, the hand-stitched-gold-laced removable cover, the built in speakers and massager, the WiFi enabled entertainment system…

Okay, that’s not a strictly accurate rundown of it’s features, but you get the point. It’s plush. Rrreeeaaallll plush. If R Kelly was cruising round town with his….wait, bad example. If Usher was cruising round town with his youngun, he’d have a Recaro Young Sport. (In fact, I think there might be one in the back of his Aston Martin).

It’s simple; dress your littlun in that, get the windows tinted, stick a ‘Cristal’ label on their Tommee Tippee and at least they can live the dream. Even if you’re driving a 1998 Volvo Estate.

Alternative uses: Over to you Usher; “Don’t f*ck with me b*tch?! It’s a car seat. What the f*ck! Alternative uses? You’re f*ckin’ kiddin’ me!?”

Summary: It’s incredibly easy to fit and the safety-test results are excellent…and that should always be your priority.

Overall Let’s Dad! Score: 9/10


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