Product Review: Phil and Ted’s MeToo Portable Highchair – £32


What Phil & Ted say: “A simple, no fuss solution that gives you freedom from restaurant high chairs. Now you can have hygienic feeding home & away.”

What Let’s Dad! says: At last, freedom from restaurant highchairs! I don’t know about you, but I’d been fighting the tyranny of restaurant highchairs for almost 15 years, with very little tangible success, until Phil & Ted released the MeToo.

In 1998, during the heady days of New Labour, I lobbied Southwark Council to review the ‘rickety and gunk-ridden’ highchairs that littered the borough’s eateries.  I didn’t have the funding to get my message to the real decision makers, so my plight never really took off.

In 2003, after the horrendous – and much publicized – highchair pile-up in Café Rouge, Milton Keynes, in which 12 youngsters, out celebrating a first birthday, lost their lunch, I began a nationwide campaign to standardize highchairs across the UK. Despite backing from high-profile names including Avril Lavigne, Yasser Arafat and Gary Neville and promotional spots on Newsnight and Trisha, the campaign failed to ignite the public interest and the tyranny of restaurant highchairs continued unabated.

An accident waiting to happen

In the following years I met with Amnesty and the UN, but their response was always the same. “With limited funds, we have to pick our fights carefully. Right now we’re focusing on social injustice in Burma, The Middle East and West Africa.” I knew there was restaurant highchair tyranny throughout those regions, but surely it wasn’t as widespread and dangerous as here in the UK? I was starting to lose hope.

Then, out of nowhere in 2009, came the defining moment in my crusade; Phil and Ted released their first prototype of the MeToo Portable Highchair. It wasn’t perfect, often failing to attach properly or leaving marks on the underside of tables, but it was, without question, a light in the otherwise dark and dismal landscape of restaurant highchair tyranny. I put my campaigning on hold, sensing that a breakthrough was near. In 2010, Phil and Ted released the definitive MeToo. Ultra-portable, easy to attach and capable of taking significant weight, it immediately granted children and parents the world over freedom from restaurant highchairs. I gave a short but stirring speech at the UK launch, closing with the following words;

“Let freedom ring from the snow-capped pleasure dome of Milton Keynes. Let freedom ring from the cheese-topped croque monsieur at Café Rouge. Let all of God’s children finally sing. ‘Free at last! Free at last! Thank Phil and Ted, we are free at last!’”

Overall Let’s Dad! Score: 9/10

Yasser would have loved the MeToo…


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