Win! Win! Win! With the Let’s Dad! Caption Competition

1. “You bamboozle him with a shit-eating grin pops and I’ll punch him in the crotch.”
Shaun McGuckian from Brighton wins a £50 Meal Voucher. Great job Shaun!

2. “I don’t know, Doc… it started out as a bad diaper rash.”
Justin Cascio from Massachusetts wins a Rockabye Baby Lullaby CD of his choice. Way-ta-go, Justin!

3. “Dave was very disappointed when the Dragons decided
not to invest in his new baby carrier…
though he hid it well.”
Peter Lewis-Bending from Exeter wins a Jingly-Jangly Cow Toy. Super-duper Peter!


After much deliberation, the Let’s Dad! Caption Competition Committee couldn’t decide upon a winner, so we put our favourite half-a-dozen in a bowl and let our new Head of Nonsense, Anna Daddington, pick the winner at random.

It wasn’t the smoothest of operations, but probably no worse than if we’d had Man-Ape Martin Keown in charge.
Congratulations to the winners. Your prizes are on their way.


One comment

  1. Gem

    Good choices Miss Daddington!

    Sadly, I missed the deadline but in the Lets Dad caring n sharing spirit, here’s my contribution:

    Well, it’s cheaper than the Little Life S2 Voyager Deluxe…

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