Guest Post: Skid marks – when to wash ’em and when to toss ’em

Big thanks to Andy Herald for this informative guest post…


I wish we could say that this chart was only for parents doing mountains of their kid’s or teen’s laundry, but we have to admit it… this chart is for everyone. Young and old, male or female. Accidents happen. Not just to little kids’ tighty-whities after a severe wedgy or to folk that prefer g-strings…even parachute-pant-style boxers or lazy Sunday jammies aren’t 100% safe.

Anyone who does laundry has been confronted with one level or another on this skid marks chart, and may have had to ask themselves: wash it or toss it? Now, with this handy instructional diagram, we hope people doing a skid mark evaluation can spend less time turning a pair of soiled underwear around in their hands and come to a swift, decisive conclusion. We also hope to prevent them from being over-optimistic and making the wrong decision, thereby contaminating an entire wash-load of clothes.

Andy Herald



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